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MEDIA UPDATE - New YouTube channel launched

The new YouTube channel (Matthew Staitis) will serve as a new platform for uploading videos on my talks, presentations and scientific outreach videos.

I am pleased to announce the creation of my new YouTube channel which you can find by either typing my name into the YouTube search bar or at

The first 3 videos currently uploaded on my channel are as follows:

Plate Tectonic Stories and 'Eden Shorts' Entry - Knockan Crag

- This scientific outreach video is about the story of the classic Knockan Crag locality in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. It relates to plate tectonic processes of thrust faults, famously exhibited by the Moine Thrust, which shows geologists where continents collided some 430 million years ago. It serviced as my entry to both the Geological Society's Plate Tectonic Stories (2018) and the 'Eden Shorts' (2014) 1 minute film competitions.

Let's Talk About [X] 2018 - Palaeontology in the contemporary world

- This conference video shows my Palaeontology in the contemporary world talk I gave when I was a 2nd year Geology undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow. This formed part of the Let's Talk About [X] 2018 multidisciplinary undergraduate research conference.

MScR Palaeontology and Geobiology Research Proposal Presentation 2020 - Matthew Staitis

- This video presentation describes my current research proposal on my provisional MScR Palaeontology and Geobiology research project which is titled: 'Investigating Deccan-induced environmental changes and their impact on marine biota, prior to the K/Pg mass extinction'.

Please visit my channel and like and subscribe to be kept up to date for future content

Kind Regards

Matthew Staitis.


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