Most up to date climate record for the past 66 million years published

***My upcoming research project will be examining one of these 'interesting warm periods' that occurred 66 million years ago at the end of the age of dinosaurs🦖🌅🌡📈

(Credit: University of Edinburgh - School of GeoSciences)

An international team - including scientists from the University of Edinburgh - GeoSciences - have compiled and analysed a comprehensive dataset obtained from sediment cores from the ocean floor - unravelling 66 million years of climate history.

🌍 Palaeoclimate research is always concerned with finding parallels in the past to our current climate.

🧐Scientists want to understand what climate conditions existed in the past, what processes lay behind them, and how they proceeded.

📢They say, the time from 66 to 34 million years ago, when the planet was significantly warmer than it is today, is especially interesting.


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