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I'm a postgraduate research student undertaking a MSc by Research Palaeontology and Geobiology at the University of Edinburgh. I am affiliated to both The Geological Society of London and The Palaeontological Association, whilst currently sitting on the council of The Geological Society of Glasgow as its Junior Members’ Representative. I am passionate about Geoscience, and how we can better understand our planet through reading the story recorded in its rocks. I have a particular interest in Palaeontology, enjoying fossil hunting and researching about how ancient organisms, environments and ecosystems have responded to times of great change in the deep past. I enjoy making the connections that link us and the natural world together. I strongly advocate interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration, welcoming the breaking down of barriers which prevent interesting conversation and debate with my contemporaries in different fields. Geoscience plays a vital role in underpinning everything in our busy, ever-changing human lives. While to many people a rock is just a rock, it is in fact so much more. To me, what is a rock but a time capsule? A window to a lost world.

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2020 - Current

University of Edinburgh

MSc by Research Palaeontology and Geobiology

2016 - 2020

University of Glasgow

BSc Honours in Geology